Curves like a what?

Dear Popular Culture,

As a member of the curvy club, I must define our membership. One of thee most annoying things to me, is when an overweight girl claims to be curvy. “Historically” curves have always been in reference to women who have hourglass figures. Having an hourglass figure does NOT mean that you are overweight, though we may often say we have more to love. Somewhere along the way, overweight women began to steal the curvy girls mantra and claim that they had more to love. Well, technically you do have more to love, but more to love does not a curvy woman make. Now I am not trying to offend anyone who is overweight, I’m just trying to reclaim the term that defines a part of me.

Let me define big girls as I see them…or maybe I shouldn’t. I really don’t see the point in describing them, because everyone knows who they are and I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves. Curvy girls on the other hand, MUST have a waist smaller than their bust AND their hips. Males also tend to think they have a nice derriere. Think Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.  So when did overweight women start infringing on who I am and claim membership in the club? It was several years ago when magazines started using the term as a nice way to refer to overweight women. So I’m placing a large amount of the blame on them. Overweight women loved it and ran with it.

Getting back to the matter at hand, I LOVE my curves! I embrace them! They are a part of me! So it annoys me when I say “I’m curvy” and someone goes, “you look fine” or “you don’t need to lose weight” and I’m forced to explain to them what curvy is. Curvy≠Overweight. I’ll admit that a few overweight girls may be curvy, but being overweight is not a necessary nor sufficient condition to qualify for membership in the curvy club. So here is my proclamation. Feel free to cite to it. Overweight women may no longer exclusively claim to be curvy. Find your own (nice) term please!


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  1. anon

    pix or it didnt happen

  2. anon

    ps this was posted on my bday and I love beyonce more than you do.

    • Well first off, Happy Belated Birthday! Second, love is immeasurable whether it be for an artist or a romantic interest. There are just different types.

  3. big ANDcurvy

    I’m overweight and curvy.. my waist is and walways has been smaller then my bust and hips, no matter the weight i have.

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