Who am I in 250 words (or less)?

Dear (unnamed),

A friend applying to graduate school recently listed 250 words to describe herself in a mini “revolt” from the usually required 250 word personal essays. (Check her blog out here!) I thought it was cute, so I’m stealing her idea. Here goes my attempt at a 250-word introduction to me…

Idealistic. Dreamer. Sarcastic. Determined. Daughter. Friend. Sister. Aunt. Empathetic. Charming. Sassy. Guarded. Growing. Photographer. Writer. Hopeful. Balanced. Indecisive. Articulate. Sensitive. Secretive. Bold. Independent. Bright. Confident. Reclusive. Driven. Innovator. Musical. Singer. Unique. Arrogant. Self-less. Self-conscious. Lovely. Runner. Flautist. Clarinetist. Pianist. Mature.

Conscious. Able. Dedicated. Lazy. Conflicted. Hopeful. Original. Modifier. Hot-tempered. Cold. Shy. Adaptable. Actress. Inspirational. Giver. Taker. Systematic. Bubbly. Fabulous. Laid-back. Watchful. Accepting. Inspired. Listener. Learning. Enthused. Empowered. Empowering. Judgmental.  Artistic. Unwavering. Argumentative. Debater. Influential. Impressive. Aware. Observant. Happy. Satisfied. Striving.

Hmm, does the list look short to you too? It’s probably because it’s only 80 words. I fell short of my 250-word goal. I’m actually not surprised. Did you notice one of the words is secretive? I’m not sure I’m ready to share 250 words describing myself to you. I don’t know if I ever will be ready, but for some reason, I had the urge to stop adding words to the list. When I first started this blog over 6 months ago, it was to force myself to open up. But I quickly diverted attention away from my own life and focused my writing on those around me :-/

Oh, did I list “private”? I guess that would make 81…


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  1. This made me laugh lol x it does make you think.

    This was a well written blog post.


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