Can we please end the pics in the bathroom mirror?

Dear Bathroom Models,

We have passed the middle of January and I was hoping 2012 would bring an end to the ever so seductive self-portraits in the bathroom mirror but alas I just saw another one. What is so alluring about these pictures to you? Are you trying to show off your outfit? Do you think that “kissy” face is cute? Are you practicing your “model” face or showing off your “model” figure?

Well, I hate to break it to you but your outfit isn’t that cute nor is that kissy face. Oh and you aren’t a model either. That guy who was hitting on you lied when he said you were model material. Real models know that their image is marketable and would never flood Facebook (or any other social media site) with easily downloadable files. Taking dozens of pictures in an attempt to find one worthy of soliciting “likes” on Facebook is not model behavior.

Every time I see a picture taken in the bathroom mirror, I resist the urge to start a fund to provide digital cameras or smartphones with dual-sided cameras for these poor unfortunate souls. I’m not really sure what leads one to pursue this avenue of self-portraiture, and I’ll admit I am guilty of mocking them and taking my own (purely to raise awareness of this issue) but they just don’t seem to go away. Le sigh…maybe it’s time to start asking for donations…


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