What will you do differently in 2013?

Dear Resolvers,

I’m assuming that’s what you call one who makes a resolution…or several. It’s that time of year when we start making changes to our resolutions. It’s kind of ironic considering just 4 days ago, you know before the new year came, we were so sure we were going to finally make some changes in our lives. I figured I’d write a quick short post to say: DON’T QUIT!!! Don’t adjust. Whatever you resolved to do in 2013 is still attainable, but if you resolve to settle for less than you will not attain it. 

My new year’s resolutions are:

Health (body):
1. Try 2 new (vegetarian) recipes a month.
2. No more rationalizing buying fast food because it’s “fast.” Fruits and veggies can be acquired and eaten much quicker.
3. Do ab workout (six inches, planks, table top crunches) for 10-15min as soon as I wake up in the morning 5x/week. (this is to make sure my fake me out six-pack never leaves…it’s almost back now! lol)
4. Cardio/yoga/pilates for 45min 4x/week.
Health (spirit/mind):
1. Be grateful!!!
2. Meditate at least three times a week.
3. Read daily affirmations.
4. Believe that even my outlandish dreams are attainable if I put in enough work.
Relationships (family/friends/booski):
1. Love and be loved. 
2. Get over commitment phobia (this means: no more being shady, complaining about nice things, etc) 
3. Make sure all of my loved ones know I appreciate them.
1. Find a sponsor. jk…maybe lol
2. Save at least 10% of income for incidentals.
3. Use money that would have been spent on fast food for vacations. (Wells Fargo blew my mind when they told me how much I spent on fast food and eating out!!!)
I must admit that yesterday I considered pushing off my morning ab workout or doubling it up tomorrow, but then I said to myself “there is no time like the present.” So I got down and did them. AND I felt great after. So whatever your resolutions are, stick to them make that one of the main things you do differently in 2013. 
P.S. Perhaps I should add “blog weekly” to my list.

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  1. petersburgh

    Nice to see you writing again

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